Easy to install and remove

This headlight tint film is simple and convenient to use, just peel and stick it. Easy removal with no residual, will never damage your car light.



Wide Application


Suitable for all lamps on a vehicle such as headlights, rear lights, tail lights, fog lights or even the upper part of the windscreen. Applied to motorbike, motorcycle, truck, boat, jet skis, side marker, and so on.


Resistant to scratches, rock chips


Highly resistant to scratches, rock chips and projected heat from the headlight itself.





The car lights are more beautiful after applying the film



Environmental protection products, new modification way

Product Function

High Glossy
Frosted Matte
Cat Eye

Installation Tips



1. Clean the car lamp by water


3. Remove the car lamp film backside release paper, spray water on the film


5. Use squeegee to make the film flat, squeeze out the air bubbles.





2. Spray the water on car lamp.


4. Stick the film on car lamp.




6. Use a utility knife to cut off the extra corners

Size recommended: For normal car reference.



Frost Matte car lamp film for Taillight. (Note: this matte lamp film can't use for Headlight, only used for taillight.