Solar Control


Window Films provides an innovative alternative to costly window replacements for homeowners and businesses looking to make their buildings more energy efficient.



Blocks Harmful UV Rays


Block Harmful UV rays  that can accelerate skin aging and cause skin cancer and also avoid the indoor furnitures of fading, aging.



Decorative Privacy Films


Whether you want to enhance the look, give your windows a makeover or want to be able to gain the privacy you need for your home or business, we have the choices for you to consider.



Widely Application


Schools, airports, banks ,railway stations,kindergartens,offices, shopping malls, jewelry stores, frontage stores,Bathroom, sliding doors, children's window glass.



Safety and Security Films


Security window films help to slow down any intruders by bonding to the glass to hold the glass together in case of breakage.



Say no to graffiti


Whether applied to windows, public transportation, transit stops, or even bathroom mirrors and stalls, Anti-Graffiti Window Film helps provide a strong first line of defense against paint, gouging, scratching and even acid etching.

Product Function

Shattered glass protection


keep the windows intact and hold shattered glass together in case of breakage, and to protect  your family and property from broken glass, break-in and theft.



Reduce Glare


This film is perfect for reducing glare, and add comfort your work and life.



Mirror Effect and daytime privacy


This reflective window film is perfect for providing great intended privacy during daytime while the outdoor window glass shows a beautiful mirror effect.



Surface Protection Films


Suitable in extreme weather conditions: from heavy rain to drought, overheat to freezing. Both for daily urban life and outdoor wild exploration, good compatibility in different needs.Protect your glass from vandalism and tagging with our anti-graffiti films. Designed to protect glass from graffiti and scratching, while protecting your mirrors or glass underneath.protecting your mirrors or glass underneath.



90% VLT


Juaratech safety film can keep the transparency of the window, so you can enjoy the warmth of the sun without having to worry about the harmful solar rays.




Silver Reflective SRC Film