Privacy Protection


Create a line of defense from chemicals staining and etching caused by bird droppings, bug splatter, or mineral deposits and acid rain.




Energy saving and Environmentlly friendlly


PDLC smart film can reject 90% infrared and 99% ultraviolet. Rejecting infrared ray can reduce heat radiation and transmission, while can protect indoor furnishings from fading and aging, and protect people from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet radiation.

Product Function

Projection Function


Smart film is an excellent projection screen, the projection effect is very outstanding. Family cinema, office projection, one smart film gets all done.




Customization Service


The smart film size is up to your requires. You only need tell us know the millimeter size of your window glass, and the electrode to be installed on the long or short side








1. The smart film is electrical product.after installing the film, please pay attention to waterproofing to avoid short-circuit or other problems.


2.Please do not shake down the glass within3-5weeks after applying the film to avoid curling.


3.The smart film can be cleaned after 2-3weeks,please use a lint-free, soft cloth to wipe,in order to avoid scratching the surface of the film.


4.When cleaning the film,please use alcohol or a small amount of water, and do not use hard objects to forcibly scrape.


5.Please do not hang sucker dolls within one month after installing the smart film.


6.Please do not pick up the edge of the smart film with sharp objects, so as to avoid stains,bubbles etc.